Sunday, March 28, 2010

salutant to king SK...\m/,

Kan ku himpunkan tulisan dongeng purbakala
Kan ku sembahkan hikayat berdarah paduka baginda

Kan ku himpunkan suatu kehidupan
Misteri petaka yang dilupakan
Pengabdian diri dicengkam kesesatan
Menangisi hukum darjat kebesaran

Kan ku himpunkan dongeng purbakala
Hidangan santapan paduka baginda
Hikayat berdarah semarak pawaka
Sembah dijunjung mengundang celaka

Belati berganja gading
Gempita ratna mutu kehancuran
Arca mercu kesesatan menghitung ajal
Kan ku sembahakan korban penglipulara
Hikayat berdarah paduka baginda

Kan ku himpunkan dongeng purbakala
Hidangan santapan paduka baginda
Kan ku sembahkan korban penglipulara
Hikayat berdarah paduka baginda

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

JPA is dragging me down...

To all of my friends, fyi this is the JPA form
gosh.. i have to register for the JPA thingy
its even worse than PLKN
at PLKN we have soldiers and former soldiers
pushing us around. acceptable.
but in JPA, ordinary people who are in charge.
the worse part of it is that they are volunteers
and one of them is 22 years old in human age. damn!
i feel very disgusted by their acts!


thanks umi! =P
Thanks Baba! :)
thanks to my friends (^_^)
thanks to my lecturers :P
most important, Thanks to ALLAH...~


*DEC 2D Jan-Jun 2010*
This is the sweet memories of MPCIM.. i have lots of friends here and I'd like to say thanks because being my friend! :P
This picture was taken in MPW class. MPW rocks babe! :')
My friends in the pictures, say hi to my blog bitches...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beautiful Lies

There I be in the mids of spring

Staring deep into your eyes

Before hours I find me turning

Turning away from the truth that lies

The sweet roses became silent

Shadows fill the empty hearts of us

Sunlight warms thy face only in dreams of you

Beautiful eyes, charming lies to dull the pain

Beautiful lie’s pours from your mouth

It’s killing me as you scream his name

In pain I crawl and into the dark

Who do you see with your eyes shut tight?

As regret will be your bride one day to come



I don't really understand why some people are so ignorant enough to ask for an 'ass kick' from me. I rather stay home then going out there making enemies but now they leave me no choice. Those mother-f-ing brats will get what they ask for alright. I'll give you a proper funeral too 'Mr.W'. Set the f-ing date and time or you could just sneak up on me today and find yourselves dead the next morning. either way is fine with me.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a day..

I started my day with a big smile because i could see that it was raining outside my window. the time was 7.38am... as i was beginning to fall asleep again, it stopped raining! damn! i turned out missing Ms Ayu's class.. later on that afternoon i went to the copa ceremony thingy.. it was awfully hot and boring as hell.. after the ceremony, i had to attend the JPA program. gosh. it was the worse 60minutes of lecture that i have ever attended in my whole life. damn.. to top it all, my feet are killing me! and i cant even open my eyes right now.. i still have to call someone to spend my birthday bonus with...:P

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


How should i start this? :P There was this thing going on at my college and me and my roommates decided to participate in one of the activities. we joined the Wipe Out contest. It was kinda fun and not to say very exhausting too! ;) we came up last place (I think so coz we were the last group to get back). Its not the fact that we lose is what I'm trying to bring up here but the fact that we had so much fun together and surprisingly it was the first activity that we've done together this sem! hehehe!!

Pengenalan Diriku

Hari ni first day aku write.. :P
well, my posts may be in english or bahasa so hope u all will forgive my language.
I've never planned to blog my ideas or experiences but after watching Californication, here i am! :P
This is my 1st post so do give me feed backs.. im really2 new at this thing..