Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life is unfair for people like me. I'm stupid so the world turns its back on me

Have you ever feel like you're just living your life for other people's satisfaction? I mean everything you do, every step you take is to please other people. Well, I have. This post is not meant to provoke any party but just a saying from a someone ignorant like me. I just want to get this off of my back. I kinda hate it around here nowadays. I did everything that people ask me to do. Literally everything just to build a good impression due to my personal reasons. But I guess it just wasn't enough.

I'm not looking for any trouble. I just want to live my life like a normal teenager. Every teenager has their own desire. I have a lot of things on my list because I know I can't always get what I want. So if one of the item is denied, theres always another item to ask for. But what should a teenager do when theres nothing that they can have? hmmmmm..

What am I doing? Writing. Why am I writing? To stay cool and not doing other stupid things. I'm 20. I can handle myself. I can handle responsibilities. I proved it before. I know and I'm aware of all my actions. I'm not 13 anymore. The last thing I want to hear is people nagging me about everything. 'You can't do that or this or whatever is it you're doing right now', pffffft..

Whats the point of having a voice when you can't have the freedom to speak? I can't even say a word. Don't I get to say anything? Doesn't my voice counts as a vote too? no? Thought so. I'm not trying to rebel here. These are just words that I combine to describe how I feel. I hope people will understand me and my situation better from now on (after reading this stupid post).

Friday, April 1, 2011

This is so lame

This packging is so freaking lame
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