Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blood Donation Anyone?

As a person who concerns a lot about the world
being a better place to live and wish to save lives,
I, Ahmad Hafeez Firdaus,
hereby wish to take part in activities involving charity/
doing good things including donating
my precious blood to people who are in need.


Though it will affect my health (becoming dizzy),
I don't mind due to the greater good. :)
I encourage all of my friends to participate in such activities.
Lets build a world full with kind and carefulness.



Enough with the formal speech..:)
I'm just trying to share my experience
of donating my blood. :P
I'm very afraid of needles.

My first intention to donate blood was to overcome my fear of needles!
But as time goes by and after a few sessions of donating my blood,
I really enjoy this.


under this gauze is the scariest part!

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