Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Charlie go bad.- reality emblem

This is a story about a friend of a friend of mine. Its about a lost boy named charlie. You see, Charlie was a naughty boy. He did things that he would then regret or be ashamed of his self. Charlie wasn't a bad person. Just a naughty. He didn't have a lot of friends. He didn't have friends that did drugs or sneak out their parents car. Charlie was nothing like his younger brother Carlos.
Technically, Carlos is the black sheep of the family. But it turned out to be that Carlos is the most lovable child in the family. Carlos had many friends. He was friends with everyone and very famous. The fact that Charlie wasn't as famous as his brother Carlos is because Charlie went to a boarding school. Charlie tried and tried the best that he could to shine like a star in his parents eyes. Unfortunately life is cruel and all his effort went meaningless. At first, Charlie wont even drive a car behind his parents in order to obey they're order. He never rebelled againts his parents.
Not in any way, not in a million years. Carlos broke every rule in the family, and still was accepted by his parents. Charlie went thinking and came up with a thought. Charlie is thinking that he now wants to be a bad ass like Carlos and disobey every rule. It doesn't matter anymore whether he will be accepted or not by his family afterwords because its very obvious that he is treated like a damn outcast.
Charlie deserved more than this. He worked his ass off to get a sing damn recognition and still, nothing??? Charlie is going bad and he means really bad.

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