Sunday, May 23, 2010

Absurd actions

This post is a bit different from my last posts. Its kind of weird knowing this article is from a guy like me, but hey, its my duty to protect Islam. Proud to be Muslim!

Lately I've received a few e-mails containing signs of the end of the world proven by scientists and their researches. Despite the science stuffs, there is this one e-mail that caught my attention. It was from a friend of mine who lived in Europe. It was about the jews making fun of Islam by designing t-shirts and shoes containing words and the contains of Al-Quran. Holy words were written down on shoes and clothes. This matter can no longer be kept at silence. This means war!

This is an example of a war cry from the jews.
I'm not trying to provoke any party by posting this article but this matter seems to be out of line. I will not tolerate such actions as it is my duty to protect and fight for Islam. As a Muslim I am very disappointed and no doubt anger has built inside of me.

Even though there is no drastic actions can be made from us due to our country's political status, we can still pray to ALLAH.

This is what the jews are planning for us. The destruction of Islam. They are trying to go againts the prophecy which clearly tells us that one day Islam will rise again like the Abbasiah empire long ago.

Allah is with us.

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