Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beyond the fun

Its been long since my last post. how have you all been? (yeah right, like I have any readers) FYI, I recently had a trip to Bandung, Indoseia. Well, the trip was kind of good. I'm not going to give much details on how good the trip was or my experiences shopping at outlets and Pasar Baru. I'm writing on what I felt towards the locals. It was fun having the opportunity to visit some third row country in a young age like this. This trip taught me something. Something which I believe is very valuable. You see, the minute I saw the real deal about the life of the locals, it somehow touched me deep down inside of me. This is not a bluff just to show you guys how sensitive I am. I felt it for real. I was filled with sorrow and pity and not to mention sad. For a minute, everything went gloomy all of a sudden. I was distracted by this scenario many times a long the trip. I never told anyone that I didn't use much of my 500k rupees to buy things that i want. Despite the neck ties, I didn't buy anything else at any of the Outlets that we went to. I used only 400k rupees for my needs including the 'Kreteks'. I used the rest of my money donating. I'm not trying to be a saint, but to those who are wondering why I did that, you should go and see for yourself.
There was this time in Bandung when the van or you could say mini bus stopped at a traffic light, it was late that evening and the sun was going down, there was these little kids around 5-6 years old came up to us and begged for some money. It was very sad having to look at those poor kids in the eyes. Are tour guide wouldn't let us give any money to the kids because he said that it would only encourage them to beg more.
Well I hate to stop now but what can I do. I'm running out of words to say nor pictures to show. I promise that my next post will be more brighter and interesting. Sorry if you're not pleased reading this post. (.^_~)